Resin Cast CTPT

We are the manufacturer of Resin cast current transformers, are available for metering & protection application. CT coils are encapsulated in cast resin (Polyester / Epoxy). Resin Cast Transformers are dry type transformers the active part of which is completely embedded in quartz loaded Epoxy Resin by using vacuum moulding technique.

Low Tension Current Transformer

Basic Functions of CT are:

  • To reduce line current to a value which is suitable for measuring instruments, relays etc.
  • To isolate the measuring instruments, meters, relays etc. from line voltage of an installation
  • To protect measuring instruments against short circuit currents
  • To sense abnormalities in current and give current signals to protective relays to isolate the defective system

Resin Cast CT

11KV Indoor Resin Cast Round Window type11KV Epoxy Resin Cast11KV Indoor Resin Cast Round Wound type

Resin cast current transformers are available for metering and protection application. These current Transformers are mainly fabricated according to client’s specification. CT coils are encapsulated in cast resin (Polyester / Epoxy). Secondary terminals are provided with either screws or studs. The main insulation between Primary and Secondary and Earth is obtained by this epoxy resin. These transformers are of compact design with high mechanical and electrical properties. These are non-hygroscopic and hence give very good insulation properties even in given humid conditions.

Resin Cast PT

11KV Window Resin Cast PT         11KV Tape wound Resin Cast PT

11KV Window Resin Cast PT                              11KV Tape wound Resin Cast PT

We manufacture highly efficient and accurate resin cast potential transformers. These resin cast potential transformers are used In AC circuits, for the purpose of measuring large voltages. Their main function is to reduce the supply voltage to a small value so that it can be easily measured with standard low range AC instruments of moderate size and capacity. There are many advantages of using resin cast potential transformers for range extension of AC meters. We also offer resin cast potential transformers of dual purpose Metering & Protection that are also commonly used.

Technical Specifications:

                                                                              General Particulars
Rated Voltage11 KV
Rated Primary Current100 A
Rated Secondary Current 1A or 5A
Rate Burden 5VA
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Accuracy Class 0.5 or 0.5s
Temperature   As per IS-2705/1992
Highest System Voltage12KV
Insulation Level    28KVrms/75KV(P)
STC 13.1 KA for 1 sec
Continues Thermal Current1.2 times of rated current
  • Core material: CRGO
  • Copper wire material: Enameled Wire as per IS-4800 Part-4 or IEC-317
  • Insulation class/material: Epoxy Resin
  • Secondary terminal: M5 BRASS BOLT WITH Nut & washer or M5 threaded bush with screw & washer
  • Primary Terminal P1 & P2 size and material
  • Mounting Base: MS 5 mm thick Zinc plated
  • Routine test :As per IS-2705/1992
    • Verification of terminal marking & polarity.
    • Power frequency dry withstand tests on primary windings
    • Power frequency dry withstand tests on secondary windings
    • Over voltage inter-turn test
    • Partial discharge tests in accordance with IS 11322:1985.
    • Determination of errors or other characteristics according to the requirements of the appropriate designation or accuracy class
    • Level/rating/name plate marking:-
      • Ratio 100/5A  class 0.5    burden 15 va  type Resin cast
      • Frequency 50hZ    BIL 12/28/75kvp
      • STC rating 13.1ka for 1 sec
      • Standard Is 2705/1992