Product Range

Kapco, A name which stands for quality, commitment and efficiency. A name which is respected across the industry because of its products which ensure that every time you choose them, satisfaction is the output.

In our Endeavour to become the one stop solution for sub-station equipments, our product portfolio has expanded in a methodical manner leading to more and more clients being satisfied with our products they utilize by their business.

Today, we stands proud with our wide range of offerings.

  • Live & Dead Tank Current Transformers upto 245kV
  • Distribution Transformers upto 2000kVA
  • Voltage Transformers upto 245kV
  • Combined CT – VT Metering Unit upto 33kV
  • Resin Cast 1ph./3ph. VT upto 12kV
  • Resin Cast LT and HT CT upto 12kV
  • Clamps & Connectors

For more product details visit: KVA Power Equipments LLP