Distribution Transformer


The purpose of a distribution transformer is to reduce the primary voltage of the electric distribution system to the utilization voltage serving the customer. A distribution transformer is a static device constructed with two or more windings used to transfer alternating current electric power by electromagnetic induction from one circuit to another at the same frequency but with different values of voltage and current.

Transformer Options

– Star rated (low losses)/ normal losses transformers (as per IS)
– Transformer with tap changer/ without tap changer (usually below 100Kva)
– Cooling Tubes/ Radiators/ Corrugated Tanks
– Pole Mounted/ Ground Mounted
– Free Breathing (conventional type)/ Hermetically Sealed
– With or without conservator
– CSP (completely self protected)/ Non CSP
– Indoor Type/ Outdoor Type

Accessories on Request

– LV and HV cable boxes
– Winding temperature indicator (WTI).
– Buchholz relay
– Marshalling box
– Disconnecting chamber
– Oil temperature indicator with electrical contacts (OTI)
– Pressure relief valve